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Green PK-12

Location: Franklin Furnace, Ohio
Type: New Construction

Project Details:

The Green Local School District has been approved for the construction of a new PK-12 facility. The current facility has some issues that need to be addressed by the District in the upcoming project. The first issue is the security of the building. As part of the new facility, updated security measures will be part of the project.

Another problem is the amount of traffic coming in and out of the school. The District has an abundance of parents that drive their kids to school and there is only one main entrance/exit. Also, the District has school buses coming in and out on the same road. This causes the ease of access in and out of the campus to become congested. This will also be a focus of the District during the design phase of the new PK-12 facility.

Green Local School District has 525 students that it serves at the current Gallia-Pike campus. The District anticipates that the new PK-12 facility will be approx. 87,881 co-funded square feet. This new facility will be built directly northwest of the current high school campus. The Green High School & Green Elementary will remain operational until construction of the new PK-12 facility is completed.

Upon completion, Green Local School District has approved the abatement/demolition of the current Green High School, Green Elementary School & Green Primary Elementary School. The first phase of the project to be completed is the abatement/demolition of the Green Primary Elementary School, which is currently not in use.

Please check back for the latest updates of the Green Construction Project.

Green High School

Proposed PK-12
School Site Location

Elementary School

High School Main Entrance

High School Parking Lot

New PK-12 School Location