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Post Construction


Once construction is finished, we assist our clients through the post construction process. This process includes a building inspection to finalize the building commissioning process followed by the owner occupancy period. This is vital to the overall longevity of the building, as it allows for potential problems to be addressed before the keys are given to the client.



Provide clients full services regarding post-construction issues that they may be experiencing. These services include assisting clients in determining what is causing the problem and then getting it fixed. We will perform a full inspection of the facility and determine if the problem is due to design, installation or manufacturer failure. Our firm has experienced staff to determine root cause, and finding the best path forward for our clients.

Construction Ends

When construction is officially completed, the site is cleaned up, equipment is removed and the post construction phase begins.

Building Inspection

A complete building inspection is performed and if no issues are found, the building is officially commissioned and ready for the client to begin using.

Post Construction

After the client moves into and begins using the facility, any issues that are found are fixed under the warranty agreement in the contract.

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