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Energy Services
Consumption Analysis | Benchmarking | ASHRAE Energy Audits
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Post Construction
Owner Occupancy | Building Commissioning | Project Closure
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Capital Planning
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Budgeting &
Financial Services
Financial Forecasts | Budget Analysis | Compliance Audits
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Budgeting & Financial Services

We have experience staff that will assist clients through an array of financial services. Our staff members have experience in the following financial areas; project budgeting, financial forecasts and projections & accounting and internal control systems.

Project Management

We assist our clients through all phases of design, construction and post-occupancy. Our firm has experienced staff to manage all construction administration, scheduling, quality assurance, quality control and budgeting for the project.

Post Construction Services

Once construction is entirely completed, we assist our clients through the post construction process. This process includes a building inspection to finalize the building commissioning process followed by the owner occupancy period.

Energy Services

Our clients are looking to improve their facilities or lower their energy costs. Our experienced staff will complete an analysis of the energy systems and implement a plan to improve efficiency, replace old equipment and reduce energy costs.

Capital Planning & Management

Not all projects require new facilities. We work with our clients and implement a plan based on the project budget to gradually replace equipment and areas of the facility over a number of weeks, months or years, depending on the scope of the project.

Why Choose
MCS & Associates?

Learn How Our Services Can Benefit You

Constant Support

One of the biggest benefits of choosing MCS & Associates to assist in your project is the support that we provide. This includes helping draw up plans during the pre-construction phase, helping ensure the building goes according to plan during the construction phase and helping you with things like warranties and close out documentation once construction is completed. All of these things can be difficult and time consuming to manage on your own.

MCS & Associates will handle the scheduling for your project. We understand that construction is not your area of expertise. The majority of our clients are school districts and we know that teachers and school administrators might not have the time or expertise to get your construction project rolling. Don't worry, we'll take care of it for you.


Saving Money

We help our clients save money by implementing strategic planning at the beginning of the project, which helps monitor costs from start to finish. Our team will constantly monitor and keep track of the finances for our clients. When we find cheaper or more efficient ways to use the budget, we will bring them to the clients attention for review. Every budget is different and each client has their own unique needs, however everyone likes saving money. Our pledge is to help you get the most out of your budget.

Another added benefit of choosing MCS & Associates is the ability to check on the status of your project on our website. Providing this to our clients allows them to keep an eye on the progress without needing to go to the job site. This keeps unwanted visitors away from the construction site, which not only avoids possible safety issues but also provides an online platform for people in the district to check on the progress of the project.

Online Updates

Budgeting & Auditing

MCS & Associates provides an array of financial services to our clients, including providing a full project budget and performing audits on the current budget. Allowing us to handle the finances of the project takes the burden off the client. Once the original audit is complete, MCS & Associates will be able to provide the client with our findings and use the data to project future budgets.

While a building inspection is required prior to the commissioning of the building, we believe it's better to inspect the building throughout the project. We will constantly check in and inspect the building throughout the entire project, making detailed notes and marking changes if any are needed to be made. Doing it this way requires a little bit more effort from us but it won't cost the district anymore money. We do this because it's the right thing to do.

Building Inspections


Our team will use parameters such as pricing, quality of the materials, timeliness and our clients budget to find the appropriate materials for your project. We are committed to finding the best quality materials for the best prices and giving an unbiased recommendation to the client to review. Ultimately, the client needs to feel satisfied about the materials we acquire so the final decision is up to you.

MCS & Associates is committed to making sure your project stays as close to the original completion date set by the architect, contractor and client. While every project is fluid and needs to be treated as such, it is important to have someone that makes sure work is getting done correctly and in the most efficient way possible. We work on behalf of our clients to make sure that supplies are brought to the job site on time, scheduling conflicts are resolved and ensure that construction is never slowed because of an issue that could've been avoided.

Time Management